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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Textbook guilt

Today's purged items: 3 biology textbooks from college.

I have moved these 4 times since college. Why? I can't remember the last time I opened one of them, and their position on a bottom shelf in a rarely used room - covered with a coating of dust - confirms this. And yet, I can remember looking at them every time I moved, considering throwing them out, and then deciding to keep them. Is it because they cost me so much back in the day that I feel strange about just throwing them out? They're hopelessly outdated, 14 years later, so I can't still think they'd be useful. Maybe I kept them because I was going to grad school, and I thought they'd come in handy?

Asking some other people about this, it seems a large number of people my age have a shelf full of textbooks gathering dust somewhere in their homes. Is it guilt over getting rid of them, and therefore some past part of our lives? Nobody seemed to have any explanation for why they kept them, but most had. Curious.

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