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Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 quest #3: books

Even as a biology major in college, my two favorite classes were "Modern Drama" and "Survey of the American Novel". They just didn't seem like work. No studying, no memorization, just sit down and read for a while. For someone so otherwise absorbed in facts and numbers and right and wrong answers, those classes were a welcome break.

Now, I go in and out of phases with reading, occasionally tearing through multiple books in a row, then reading nothing for a month. Others would probably call me a reader. But I find I don't often make much time for it. Until I'm really absorbed in a book, other things seem to get in the way of me just sitting and reading. I've tried joining book groups. But I don't really read the kinds of books favored by book clubs. I don't mean that in a mean way. Maybe I just haven't found the right group, but their reading lists all seem to be dictated by what bears an Oprah sticker - so many books about a woman overcoming a tragedy, or about finding your true self, or about female friendship. Not my thing.

So, much like my cooking class, I'll be undertaking a self directed book club. To begin, my selections will be taken from The Millions list of the best books of the last 10 years. As I read I'll update, give reviews, discuss (with myself, I suppose). A one woman book club, as it were.

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